First Steps…

So, where do I start? Something that has been looming over me for a while, has now come to fruition. I mean, it’s hardly groundbreaking or mind-blowing but to me, an achievement to actually DO it. To start somewhere and give it a bloody good try!

It’s one of those things, that when you’re at a work party, in a group of long-standing friends or new acquaintances. You hear what they do in their spare time, where they’ve been, what passions and hobbies they have, that you stop and think…..Why am I not doing ANY of that? Why do I just seem to watch trash TV on a week night, occasionally go to the gym, cook the odd adventurous meal but realistically don’t do anything other than think…”Oh I should do something like that”.


Don’t get me wrong, I am not stating I’m a total bore. The point is, I think I have done a fair bit in my 29 years so far. I just haven’t done anything with it, documented or shared it with anyone properly and always thought I should!


This year, I had talked about it to several people around me. Family, friends, colleauges and my boyfriend and I continued to reply with the generic answer of  “No, not yet, but I will….” when asked how I was getting on with starting the blog. So, after one year of pushing it aside, yet again, why not be the ultimate cliché and start a New Year by actually, acting on it.

“The New Year, New Me bullsh*t is seeming to be in full effect here”.

This Christmas I was beyond lucky to spend it, not only with my family (after one year previously spending it away from them……I’m sure I’ll write about this somewhere down the line) but in the most incredible venue. I say Venue as it really was pretty special, an Estate, Manor House, almost film-set like house!


My Godfather, Mener, a property developer in London and his wonderful Wife Jackie have recently renovated Heathfield House, Estate in the New Forest, Hampshire. It really is spectacular and the most magical place, without sounding like a Disney fanatic (I’m not, just to be clear). 

Anyway, before I digress, the reason for me actually kick-starting this blog was due to one of the other 24 of us celebrating Christmas at Heathfield. She is a previous Insurance Broker, turned Chia Seed Jam maker ‘Eat Cham’, turned blogger/freelancer!

Yes! Pretty inspiring to someone who thought about ‘doing’ for so long! So, belondoned I THANK YOU and here goes!


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  1. Such an exciting adventure this is amazing!!!! You have such gorgeous photography on your Instagram & you do so much travelling… I can’t wait to hear all about it on here! I’m already eyeing up Copenhagen…!! xxx

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