Best in Nine: Beauty Products…


I am a complete sucker for a beauty product, a new regime or generally anything that will stop me looking like I’m suffering from a two-day hangover with pizza being the only thing to have touched my lips! Even though the big nights out are happening a lot less now, I still want my skin to look like that of a fresher, especially as I have to face the fact that I am turning 30 this year. So to sound like a major supermarket…every little helps!


There are a few brands which I favour, some of these you will see in my Best in Nine. But as I’ve learnt after years of layering on makeup and trying every eyeshadow colour under the sun, you learn to use things that work for you. Compliment your skin tone and understand that every skin has different needs!

Here are the ones that work for me.


Kiehl’s Calendula Face wash


This, for me, is the best face-wash EVER. It takes off the toughest makeup but doesn’t dry out your skin in the slightest. This is my go-to. Every morning and night I use this to cleanse my skin, it goes such a long way and usually lasts me 6 months. It contains Calendula Petals, which are “packed with soothing and anti-inflammatory nutrients leaving skin soft and refreshed’. And that is exactly what they do, this face wash has never caused me any reactions, just clean, smooth skin!


Dry Brushing

IMG_7906 2.jpg

I recently learnt about Dry-Brushing and immediately thought “ouch’. Surely that is not going to be pleasant on the thighs, no matter how much extra junk I have on them?!

But to be honest, using the right brush, it can work wonders. It smooths skin, improves circulation, exfoliates the body and detoxifies your skin. So based on those facts alone, it’s now part of my morning routine, before showering. Arms and legs are brushed and prepped for a shower!


Dove Gradual Tan

IMG_7909 2.jpg

I am a self-confessed sun worshiper and I know I know, it’s the worst thing possible for my skin. I am conscious of this and do wear a high SPF when on holiday but I love a tan, and preferably a natural one! However, as I can’t afford the luxury of weekly holidays just yet, I am lucky that Dove Gradual Tan works just as well. A non-streaky and moisturising, natural summer glow, all year round. In a reasonably priced tube it’s staple in my bathroom cupboard!


Aesop Hand Cream

IMG_7911 2.jpg

A little luxury Aussie cream. I love Aesop, the smells, the design and pretty much every product they do. I first came across Aesop when living in Melbourne (where they were founded) where they have free hand creams to try, outside all the shop fronts. Most people who know me well, know I love woody scents. Aesop are amazing at nailing this and this hand cream leaves your hands nourished, grease free and smelling amazing. Everyone should try this.


Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery

IMG_7913 2.jpg

I love the idea of waking up with glowing, hydrated and younger skin. Who doesn’t? We can all dream but I think this is the best or nearest thing that does this, for me. Just a few drops after cleansing, it soaks into the skin and works wonders over night, not sticky nor overpowering. Just a soothing and hydrating oil that repairs and restores skin whilst sleeping.


Bobbi Brown Vitamin E Cream

IMG_7914 2.jpg

First, the smell. Fruity, citrus, it’s so good you could eat it. Secondly, it’s an amazing primer and helps your makeup go on like a dream. Lastly, its one amazing moisturiser. Oil free and includes Vitamins B, C and E, it hydrates in just the right manner. Tailored for normal to oily skin, it’s a real all-rounder for everyday use.


Laura Mericer highlighter

IMG_7931 2.jpg

This was bought for me one year, when I didn’t even realise I needed it! I was SOLD immediately! This is the best highlighter I have used and has been bought again and again, for friends and of course for myself! It creates the perfect glow and I use it on every element of my face and body, that needs that glow! Who doesn’t want to glow like an original-glaze Krispy Kreme doughnut?


Bobbi Brown Bronzer


Key to keeping my ideal summer glow, all year round! I also use it to slightly contour my face, although I am definitely not a contour queen. Use it to accentuate the cheekbones and any other areas that need it! I always have this on me and great to add a healthy bronzed look when the holiday tan fades!


Natural Collection Mascara


A cheap staple that really is just as good as most other mascaras! A friend introduced this to me and she has lashes that most girls pay for! I was an instant convert. Cheap it may be but we go through so much of the stuff, why not cut down on something that does exactly what all the rest should do!? This Lash build mascara lengthens, creates volume and gives the curl, give it go!


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