The ‘not so’ dry Jan…

As we all know there are more than enough blogs, motivational posts, ‘get-lean’ or ‘Go-vegan’ cookbooks that spring up in the month of Jan. All of these aim to make you a better person than you were the year before, hoping that you will subscribe to the “New Year, New Me” philosophy.

Despite the hype, you do get that ‘fresh start’ feeling when January kicks in, especially in the first week or so just before you get back to reality. But let’s not lie to ourselves, who actually starts a diet on the 1st of Jan, after a night fuelled with copious amounts of booze?!

If so, I salute you!

So here is how my typical Dry January goes. The first week goes by with ease and I feel proud that I’ve managed to stay true to my New Year promise. However, the work routine starts to set in, a friends birthday comes up and Dry turns to ‘Damp’ without me even realising.

This time round, I’ve removed the chance for potential disappointment. I have given myself a few simple steps to help shift the Christmas pounds, ease some of the back-to-work stress and make the January ‘detox’ a little more bearable!



Ancoats, Manchester – Rudy’s Pizza

Just don’t go so heavy on the booze. Decide on one good tipple (mine being red wine) and stick to it, with food! No mixing of drinks, no shots and aim for the one night a week rule.

It seems to make things a little more bearable. I will decide one year, to just go away for the whole of January. But after more than month of Christmas parties, birthday celebrations and work events, it’s almost a relief to get back to the normality of work! (Almost)



Spirulina Smoothie (Fear not, this is not every morning, or a substitute for every meal!)

I’ve actually found a decent one! I’m aware it looks like something the Grinch would drink, as my boyfriend so kindly pointed out, as I took the first swig!

I changed the recipe slightly; no Celery, used Spinach in replace of Romaine, added some milled Chia seeds and a sprinkle of Linseeds!

Honestly, try it, just twice a week for breakfast. It really is not as bad as it looks (tried and tested), fills you up until lunch and is easy for an on the go breakfast!

Go on, feel smug about drinking the Green juice in work!




I am, in all honesty, quite good at this one. It’s drilled into us, over and over again to stay HYDRATED, but so many people struggle to drink the recommended “8 pints-a-day”, but here’s how I manage to stick to it.

Buy one big bottle, a 1.5L to start and have it on your desk with a glass. Try throughout the day to slowly work your way through and HONESTLY, you will feel the benefits! Skin glowing and dewy!

Feel fuller for longer (so no snacking) and most important of all, flushing out those Christmas toxins!



Mam Tor, Peak District

Making the most of a weekend is crucial, especially if you spend all week in an office and sitting on the sofa every evening!

Country air and being active really makes me feel like I’ve done something worthwhile with my time but also, free exercise!

Last weekend we ‘climbed’ Mam Tor in the Peak District, which should be an easy 3 hour walk sticking to the route. But, Winnie my miniature dachshund took us off-piste and turned an easy-ish walk into a full-blown hike!

I also tracked my steps and believe it not, climbed the equivalent of 82 floors, covering 15km and burning about 500 calories! Roast dinners are well deserved after that!




Baths. To be honest, I never used to be a fan. I always got far too hot and felt like I was wasting time! However, I have come round to the idea recently…. if it’s done properly! Bubbles, Epsom salts (a cheap & easy Detox), candles, face masks…….the lot. I use it all!

Take the time out to unwind, and give yourself 20 minutes of YOU time. I know for one, it can be hard. The dog barking, boyfriend asking “do you know where my shoes are?” (always) and thinking of the pile washing that needs to be done.

But, if you can, just shut yourself off and use it to focus on your breathing or listen to some calming music. It really can work wonders. Especially before going to bed. It relaxes your muscles and gives you a quick digital detox before nodding off.



Evenings are so miserable in January, dark and usually very wet so it’s easy to fall into hibernation. However as the sofa has started to get a permanent indent, we need to give it a break.

Taking the dog out for an evening walk has helped with this, but we’ve decided to kill two birds with one stone. Turning the walk into a run. This has been great to get me moving and gives me break from the TV screen.

I have only been doing short stints. Nothing too challenging, around 2 and a half miles or aiming for 20-30 minutes. My Dad bought me some great Asics running gear a few years ago, which I’ve decided to bring out of retirement. Even though this was well used when I was once part of a running group, it has lasted so well and has kept good shape after all these years!

Keeping it up……

These 6 things are something I am really going to try and continue to do, long after January. They aren’t too challenging but have a massive benefit of helping me move more, take more time for myself and generally make me feel that little bit better for when I have that extra slice of pizza…..

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